XM WX Satellite Weather is arming pilots against the storm with Aviator Pro, the company’s latest real-time weather data package – available for the first time at AirVenture 2008.

The Aviator Pro includes recent enhancements to XM WX Satellite Weather’s Aviator data package. One of the upgrade features, air reports (AIREPS) supplies a positional, operational and meteorological report from an aircraft in-flight, covering aircraft observations of wind, outside air temperature, present weather, turbulence, clouds, D-value and icing at altitude.

In addition, pilot reports (PIREPS) identifies icing, turbulence, sky cover and other weather avoidance information en-route to aircraft, while storm prediction center (SPC) aviation weather watch identifies potential conditions for severe weather per the National Weather Service.

The Aviator Pro package also includes additional detailed weather data on turbulence, visibility, current icing, large super-cooled droplets, severe weather threats and hurricane tracking.

XM WX Satellite Weather expects this increased weather data to significantly improve the pilot’s situational awareness in-flight, especially at higher altitudes.
To receive and display XM WX data pilots must have a subscription to the service, as well as an XM WX-capable receiver, antenna and screen display.

The XM WX Satellite Weather system was designed to be flexible, allowing pilots the option of a wide range of hardware solutions including glass cockpits, multi-function displays or portable devices, such as laptop PCs and electronic flight bags.

Source: Flight International