Caravella Aerospace is showcasing a mock-up of its CaraVellair single-seat ‘reverse tricycle roadable aircraft’.

Joe Caravella Jr says:  “We’re not taking orders, we’re here to get the market reaction. The concept is sound. The question is making it work…”


The CaraVellair has a tri-fold wing design and the tail boom will retract fully. The power for flying and driving comes from a 1000cc sports motorcycle.

Caravella’s aim is to have it available in kit form for less than $50,000. Kit builders will, hopefully, have the option to construct theirs around any suitable 1000cc sports bike. “We’re trying to keep it simple so that anyone can fly this,” he says. 

The CaraVellair’s design goal will be a 1,300lb maximum take off weight so that it can comply with the LSA rules.


Source: Flight International