Ten years after Remos sold its first aircraft in Germany, its tried and true design has evolved into the Remos GX.

"We can never rest on laurels and will always seek ways to refine or upgrade the basic design," says CEO Corvin Huber. "The new RemosGX enhances a proven and reliable aircraft, bringing the latest technology into the mix and assuring that Remos maintains its point position in light sport aircraft going forward.”

About 250 G3s are flying around the world, and as of May, 55 of those are in the US. That's a 4.1% market share for the G3, which is now ceasing production.


The old and the new models have very similar appearances, with a new dorsal fin adding stability to the GX. The exterior portions formerly made of fabric are now carbon fiber, which is also used in the completely new wing structure. The wings still fold back against the fuselage to fit an aircraft into a garage, or three into a hangar.

The airfoil has been modified for better penetration in turbulence along with allowing a higher roll rate. Stress tests demonstrated that the wing retains its full integrity up through +8 and -5 Gs.

Sport pilots can only fly during the daytime, but night VFR certification was earned by the GX for its private pilot operators.

The aircraft retains its 650-pound useful load capability but the baggage area has been enlarged. The ground adjustable propeller by Sensenich will allow pilots to fine tune for rate of climb or rate of cruise.


Source: Flight International