Insurance specialist Avemco has introduced a number of initiatives designed to get more pilots registered and reduce the amount of accidents.

Speaking at AirVenture, James Lauerman, president of Avemco, says its newly-launched insurance for certified flight instructors (CFIs) will be available in most states effective from August 1.


Avemco CFI provides full-time coverage for part-time CFIs who wish to conduct flight training in their own aircraft. Previously, the only insurance available for these aircraft owners was commercial coverage designed for full-time flight instruction operations. “We’re concerned about the low rate of student starts, the shortage of CFIs and the overall low level of flying activity across the marketplace. Our hope is to facilitate an increase in the number of qualified, experienced flight instructors available to the general aviation community, offering more options for people seeking any form of flight instruction,” says Lauerman.

Source: Flight International