SimCom Training Centers has added another Pilatus PC-12 simulator to its Orlando, FL training center.  The second at Orlando and the third in total.  The new sim is a Level 5 standard and was jointly developed by SimCom and Pilatus.

The new sim utilizes a fully enclosed cockpit and has been designed to replicate the PC-12NG which is making its Oshkosh debut.  It includes state-of-the-art Honeywell Apex integrated avionics and FMS to enhance the realism of simulated normal, abnormal and emergency procedures.

 PC-12 sim

This sim also uses SimCom’s 180-degree wrap-around visual motion cueing system that SimCom says is Level D equivalent for day/night and all-weather visuals.

“Our PC-12 customers have provided us with some very specific and helpful feedback with regard to their training needs.  Many of our customers asked us to minimize the amount of time they spend away from their home and/or office for training,” says Tracy Brannon senior vice president. 

“To accommodate that request, we have developed a pre-study course for the initial training program, whereby we will send courseware to customers that will familiarize them with the Apex system prior to getting into the simulator.  In addition to decreasing the amount of time they spend (away) for training, the pre-study course will better prepare them for and will also enhance their simulator experience.” 

Brannon adds that the home-study course is currently under review and that approval is anticipated by the fall of this year.



Source: Flight International