Amidst several brutal storms and a few unfortunate runway mishaps, the Experimental Aircraft Association still kicked off the opening weekend of the annual fly-in in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in grand style, welcoming tens of thousands of pilots, enthusiasts and some of the most unique aircraft found anywhere.

Photos by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren

Martin Mars

After completing a 9h, direct flight from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the crew of the last flying Martin Mars snatches the mooring buoy at the Experimental Aircraft Association's Sea Harbor on Lake Winnebago.

Martin Mars 2

The Martin Mars flying boat airtanker makes its arrival on Lake Winnebago on 23 July. Coulson Flying Tankers is looking for buyers or leasing customers of the 70-year-old seaplane and water bomber.

Oshkosh crash

EAA staff and federal authorities investigate the wreckage of an Aero Bristell that crashed on 24 July. The pilot was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries.

RV formation over Oshkosh

A 34-ship formation of RV planes arrives in the late morning on 24 July.

Curtiss C-46

The only flying Curtiss C-46 Commando in the continental USA -- Tinker Belle -- is one of the first arrivals to the Boeing Plaza.

Two DC-3s at Oshkosh

An arriving DC-3, right, joins a waiting companion in Pan American Airways paint.

Beech Model 18

A Beech Model 18 taxies through the grass as an arriving airplane passes by.

Howard L-237

An airplane on short final passes a vintage Lockheed (Howard) L-237.

Two F-86s

A pair of North American F-86 Sabre fighters park after landing.