Kestrel Aircraft is now on pace to deliver the first of its eponymous, single-engined turboprop aircraft in 32-36 months, a company official says.

Kestrel’s timing is driven solely by the availability of financing, says chief technical officer RJ Siegel.

The company founded by Cirrus co-founder Alan Klapmeier is now bringing on board a foreign investor, whose contribution supports the 32-36 month timetable, Siegel says.

“If it gets accelerated, if there’s an even bigger investor, then we can be faster,” he adds.

Kestrel was launched to produce the first single-engined turboprop design for the commercial market in 25 years. It would take advantage of new advances in carbonfibre airframe technology, which Klapmeier pioneered with the Cirrus SR-20 and SR-22.

The new investor is not American or in the aviation industry, Siegel says.

“He just wants to move into the aviation industry because he sees that it’s a particular growth industry for his country,” he adds, without elaborating.