China's Shandong Bin Ao, marked its Oshkosh debut by showcasing a DA40, built in China in partnership with Austrian airframer Diamond Aircraft. The Binzhou City-based company is keen to increase co-operation with Western manufacturers and eventually hold air shows in its home province of Shangdong, China, says Li Long, head of the company's sale department. The company's goal at Oshkosh is to showcase its manufacturing prowess.

Shandong Bia Ao Chinese-built DA-40

 Dave Majumdar/Flightglobal 

Shangdong Bin Ao builds the piston-engined DA40 for the Chinese and international markets from its factory 350km (220 miles) south of Beijing. The facility has the capacity to produce up to 1,000 of the single-engined aircraft a year. The joint venture was set up in 2008 due to the strong demnd for DA40's from Chinese flying schools.

Source: Flight International