Terrafugia demonstrated the ground and airworthy capabilties of its Terrafugia flying car for the first time at a public event. The second generation prototype is engaged in flight trials and will eventaully be joined by a third flight-test article. "We are going to be tweaking this a little bit more and making a third-generation prototype," says Terrafugia chief executive, Carl Dietrich. "Then it will begin crash testing."

Once that phase of the evaluation is complete, the aircraft will undergo final airworthiness compliance trials.

Terrafugia transition flying car


Terrafugia transition flying car


Deliveries would then follow, says Dietrich, although he would not be drawn on a sepcific date, "Depending on how the crash testing goes, that could be within two to three years," he says.

The third flight test article will incorporate a replaceable tail boom, which will make the machines easier to repair and lower insurance the costs, says Dietrich "That's probably the biggest structural change to the vehicle," Dietrich says. "It'll still look basically like what we've got here."

Source: Flight International