The AirVenture fly-in hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association this week in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, attracts hundreds of thousands of people, tens of thousands of aircraft and countless amazing aviation photos.

Flightglobal photographer Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren selected his 10 best photos from an opening day that featured a spectacular appearance by the Airbus A350, the arrival of legendary designer Burt Rutan in his iconic Starship and the debut of the Lancaster bomber in central Wisconsin.


Icon A5

The first Icon A5 sport amphibian aircraft to be delivered is pulled out of its hangar toward a taxiway for its delivery flight.


Cirrus SF50

The unique cabin design of the Cirrius SF50 jet.


B-25 Oshkosh

Monday brought gusting winds, challenging pilots throughout the afternoon such as this B-25 World War II-era bomber.



An Avro Lancaster World War II-era bomber makes its appearance at the show.


A350 Oshkosh

The Airbus A350-900 XWB soars through the sky during a demonstration flight on the opening day of Airventure 2015.


Starship Oshkosh

A rare Beech Starship performs a low pass over the show on arrival, with creator Burt Rutan on board.


Edge 540

A Zivko Edge 540 acrobatic airplane zooms past show center.


Oshkosh audience

Crowds crane their necks to catch the show action during an aerobatic performance.


Aeroshell T-6 Texans Oshkosh

The T6 Texan Aeroshell team performs over Oshkosh.


Dyke Delta

A very rare Dyke Delta delta wing home-built rests in a field.

All photos copyrighted by Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren.