Malaysia’s government has confirmed that a large second of a flight-control surface found off Tanzania originated from a missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER.

The transport ministry says the debris – located on the island of Pemba on 20 June this year – is the inboard section of a 777 outboard flap.

It states that part numbers on the section indicate manufacture in January 2002, consistent with the delivery of the missing aircraft (9M-MRO) to the carrier in May of the same year.

The ministry adds that a second part identification number has been confirmed by the Italian manufacturer as relating to the same outboard flap shipped to Boeing for installation on 9M-MRO.

The aircraft vanished in March 2014 while operating the carrier’s MH370 service to Beijing.

“Further examination of the debris will continue, in hopes that further evidence may be uncovered which may provide new insight into the circumstances surrounding flight MH370,” it states.

Source: Cirium Dashboard