Mark Hannant

Travel as a commercial passenger and you hope you never come into close contact with Dräger's aviation products - but rest assured they're there.

The German-based company manufactures breathing apparatus and oxygen-generating equipment certified for use on Airbus A320/330/340s and Boeing 737/757/777s.

It also produces chemical and gaseous-generators of oxygen for civil aircraft along with Oxycrew, a system developed for use by cabin crew in the event of in-flight fires.

Air force purchasers will also be interested in Dräger's Oxyjump package for parachutists.

Dräger's aerospace business has grown out of its more established core activities of manufacturing medical equipment and industrial health and safety products.

The company is well-established in the region having opened an office in Singapore ten years ago.


General manager Michael Schwerdfeger says that despite current problems in Asia-Pacific, he remains optimistic about growth potential in the longer term.

Source: Flight Daily News