New Zealand manufacturer Pacific Aerospace has appointed Xi'an Yanliang National Aviation Hi-tech Industrial Base (CAIB) as its partner and exclusive sales representative for the P-750 XSTOL in China as it seeks to break into the growing market in the Asian country. Under the deal, CAIB has ordered five of the short take-off and landing, single-engined P-750 XSTOL aircraft.

Hamilton-based Pacific Aerospace has sold more than 80 P-750 XSTOLs, with type certification held in 16 countries. The 10-seat aircraft requires just 220m (720ft) to take off, carrying a useful load of 1,905kg (4,200lb), with a range of 2,183km (1,180nm). As a result, it is operating in the most demanding conditions in countries including Nepal, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, as well as in Africa, says the manufacturer. Roles include freight, passenger, aerial survey, surveillance, medivac, agriculture and skydiving.

"With its safety record, exceptional performance and multi-functional roles, the P-750 XSTOL is ideal for the burgeoning GA market in China," says Jin Qiansheng, chairman of CAIB, which has developed an integrated aviation hub at Xi'an Yanliang, in Shanxi Province, providing a range of aviation products and services from aircraft manufacturing to pilot training.

Source: Flight International