Palm pilot W250Weighing in at 28 grams, Canada’s MicroPilot offers the world’s smallest autopilots for unmanned air vehicles and micro air vehicles (MAV).
The MP2028G established a new benchmark for lightweight UAV autopilots including all sensors and a GPS receiver.
But now at Asian Aerospace, MicroPilot has unveiled the newly upgraded M2128G equipped with a more powerful processor for advanced applications with capacity for future features.
It is part of a family of MicroPilot miniature autopilots presented at stand A402A, with capabilities for airspeed hold, altitude hold, turn co-ordination, GPS navigation, and autonomous operation from launch to recovery.
MicroPilot’s Lisa Shaw said: “The biggest change is that the M2128G has faster processing rates, but it is still the world’s smallest.”
The MP2028EXP was the first expendable autopilot specifically designed for disposable UAVs, while MP1028G is the lowest-cost autopilot for entry level applications.
All come with HorizonMP ground control software for mission planning, parameter adjustment, flight monitoring and mission simulation. Accessories include compass module, digital converter module, ultrasonic sensor, configuration wizard and an XtenderMP software developer’s kit. MicroPilot has over 300 clients in 47 countries.

Source: Flight International