Pratt & Whitney Canada hopes to achieve two major milestones for its PW500 series this month, including European certification of the PW530A for the Cessna Citation Bravo and Transport Canada certification of the PW545A for the Cessna Citation Excel.

Some 10,200h of development and certification testing have been spent on 16 engines in the 13.3kN (3,000lb)-rated PW530A development programme. More than 540h were amassed on P&WC's Boeing 720 testbed and 2,000h on Cessna's prototype Citation Bravo. A 4,000-cycle endurance test was also run in conjunction with Nordam to ensure a time between overhaul of 4,000h at entry into service.

US Federal Aviation Administration certification was granted in April 1996, some five months after Transport Canada approval. The company now expects "imminent certification" of the engine from Europe's Joint Aviation Authorities.

P&WC has now built 16 development engines for the 20kN PW545A programme which is expected to be approved by Transport Canada by the "end of the year".

More than 5,000h of testing have been accumulated. The engine powered the maiden flight of the Excel prototype in February, followed by the first flight of the pre-production Excel on 29 July.

Source: Flight International