Pratt & Whitney Canada says it is in talks with several helicopter manufacturers about new applications for the PW210 turboshaft, which made its first test run in October. The 1,000shp (745kW) engine is aimed at single turbine or intermediate/medium twin helicopters and will power the Sikorsky S-76D, for which it was launched in February 2005.

Testing is going well using the first of eight PW210s that will be dedicated to the engine-maker's development and certification programme, says P&WC engineering vice-president Walter di Bartolomeo. "We are in discussion with other original equipment manufacturers that have shown interest in the PW210. Things are quite encouraging," he adds.

Unlike the current PW200 generation, the PW210 has a two-stage compressor and two-stage power turbine, the PW200 family having single stages for both. "The cycle also has a bit more performance," says Bartolomeo, who says the design "has plenty of temperature margin", and therefore room for growth. Equipped with a dual-channel full-authority digital engine control system, the engine is designed to produce 10-20% more power for the same fuel consumption as current generation engines.

"We see the PW210 as a starting point into this market and the architecture selected will allow us to grow to meet the power demands of other platforms," he adds.

Although the ever-refreshed PT6 line covers the 500-2,200shp power bracket "the overall cycle and architecture of that engine will never allow it to get to the sorts of efficiency and power/weight ratio of the PW200, and so the PW210 is really the leader in this market".

Bartolomeo says that "there is also interest" in potential re-engining plans. "We would not be averse to re-engining applications, particularly if we could offer a competitive - if not superior - product." On-going talks with unidentified manufacturers and conversion houses are under way, he adds.

Source: Flight International