PRATT & WHITNEY Canada (P&WC) has received Canadian certification for its PW530A and PW306A business turbofans.

The 12kN (2,750lb)-thrust PW530A was certificated in just 36 months, a P&WC record for the development and certification of a new centreline engine.

Design of the PW530A began in August 1992, the first engine run took place in October 1993 and the first flight-test in May 1994. The PW530A powers the Cessna Citation Bravo light business jet. The Bravo is being flight-tested, and deliveries are to begin in June.

The 27kN PW306A is the most powerful turbofan produced by P&WC and has been selected to power Israel Aircraft Industries' Galaxy business jet. P&WC says that the PW306A is also the first engine to be certificated to stringent 1996 emissions requirements for engines in its thrust class.

Both the PW300 and PW500 families of turbofans have been developed jointly by P&WC and Germany's MTU.

Source: Flight International