Integrated unit to manage manufacturer's logistics chain as well as dealing with global aircraft-on-ground issues

Pratt & Whitney Canada is in the early stages of setting up a fully-integrated customer service centre to deal with aircraft-on-ground and other engine-related issues on a global basis.

"We've decided to completely re-engineer this aspect, and the idea is to bring all the latest technology to our customers and make sure we can get them flying again in a few hours," says P&WC service centres and operations senior vice-president Benoit Brossoit.

The centre, which comes under the leadership of Maria Della Posta, vice-president, customer support, "will co-locate all the subject matter experts to the customer centre operations co-ordinators".

The centre was P&WC's direct response to market surveys that revealed it could improve performance in terms of responsiveness and "ease of doing business with", adds Brossoit. "So we have recrafted our re-engineering in terms of those, as well as re-engineered our parts distribution system around the world."

The initiative also comes as the engine maker prepares to see massive expansion in its fleet. "Annual production has grown 50% over the last 24 months and has gone past 3,000 engines a year and will soon go to 5,000," says Brossoit. "We have 40,000 engines to support, but it is quickly going to grow to 50,000 and it's critical we re-engineer now."

The "Frontline" centre has been set up at the engine maker's Montreal headquarters and consists of specialists at consoles facing a wall-size computer-generated graphic of the world. "We have frontline people to take the calls, technical specialists and service engineers, but we're being mindful of not letting the customer feel he's been passed around," says customer services manager Joey Caluori.

As well as advising with problems, the centre will also manage the logistics chain with the revamped worldwide network of parts depots, adds Caluori.

Following recent growth, the company's support and aftermarket network encompasses more than 19 P&WC-owned and 15 designated facilities.

Source: Flight International