Aircraft emergency parachute manufacturers Ballistic Recovery Systems (BRS) of the USA and Spain's CIMSA Ingenieria de Sistemas have formed a strategic partnership to develop and manufacture new and existing parachute systems to expand their share of civilian and military markets worldwide.

CIMSA has invested $1.5 million in BRS and will provide technical assistance towards the development of new parachute programmes including "textile-based wings and recovery systems for aerial delivery-guided parachutes and unmanned air vehicles", says BRS.

The BRS parachute is available as a retrofit on Cessna's 172

CIMSA will use BRS's low-cost manufacturing operation in Mexico, which is set for expansion and will also have a seat on the Minnesota-based company's board of directors.

BRS says the investment will also be used to accelerate work on a number of whole-airframe systems notably for Diamond Aircraft's D-Jet personal jet and DA-50 piston single.

Source: Flight International