EADS's Bluecopter concept demonstrator is making its debut at this year's show.

Developed as part of the company's research into "greener helicopter technologies", the demonstrator is intended to deliver "cleaner propulsion" via lean combustion. It incorporates a high-compression-ratio (16:1) engine, an oxidising catalytic converter, a particulate filter and a selective catalytic converter.

A video shot by EADS showcases the difference the new technologies make in the area of exhaust gas cleaning.

The technology developed for the Bluecopter is specific to small helicopters, with other technologies in development in for heavy types, EADS's chief technology officer Jean Botti explained at an EADS briefing. He said that while Bluecopter was "only a first step", it provided "a roadmap on how to develop a helicopter".

At the same briefing Eurocopter chief executive Lutz Bertling said that Bluecopter technologies would be progressively installed as they matured.

Source: Flight Daily News