On display at Goodrich's pavilion near the static display (B337) is the company's latest flight deck tool, an electronic flight bag upgraded to a total cockpit data manager. Dubbed Smartdisplay, the system allows pilots and maintenance engineers to operate in a paperless environment in the air and on the ground.

Goodrich is working with US Airways to install a cockpit data management system in its Airbus A330 and A320 fleets. Business development manager sensors and integrated systems Alison Haugen explains that there will be two versions, with the more capable heading for the A330 fleet and the lesser for US Airways' A320s and wholly owned subsidiary Piedmont's Bombardier Dash 8 twin turboprops. Both are Class 3 capable, she says, but one will be able to run type C applications, and the other only type A and B. The difference is in the software: the A/B is Windows-based, and the C will use an operating system that has not been chosen yet.

The data management system can manage all information needs, from approach charts and en-route maps to aviation information systems and meteorological data, and can also operate a technical log. For navigation, it can locate the aircraft on moving airport maps on the ground, or on charts or approach and departure patterns in the air. For total integration with aircraft systems, Goodrich offers an Arinc 828 aircraft integration device, which connects the system with the aircraft's flight management guidance computer, flight management systems and other core aircraft computers.

Source: Flight Daily News