Israel Aerospace Industries has signed a contract with an undisclosed foreign customer to supply its Harop loitering munition system, in a success estimated as being worth over $100 million.

The long-endurance Harop system uses an electro-optical/infrared sensor with 360° hemispherical coverage to locate high-value, mobile and time-critical targets on the land or at sea.

Once detected, a target can be attacked at any angle, with an operator-in-the-loop monitoring the strike in real time. A strike can be aborted it if necessary to avoid collateral damage, and the air vehicle returned to loitering mode before resuming its approach later.

 IAI Harop

The German defence ministry has also approved an operational requirement using the Harop system, with the project to be implemented by IAI in co-operation with prime contractor Rheinmetall Defence.

Berlin has already invested funds to adapt the Harop to meet its specific requirements, and a follow-on contract is expected later this year.

Source: Flight Daily News