Sagem is presenting its Patroller medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned air vehicle that made its first flight on 10 June in Finland.

On static display at the Safran stand, the 30h endurance Patroller is 8.5m (28ft) long with a wingspan of 18m, a top speed of 170kt (315km/h), a maximum altitude of 25,000ft (7,625m) and a 250kg (550lb) payload capacity. Patroller can have on board a low bandwidth satellite communications system, operates autonomously and be controlled from the Sagem Sperwer Mark II tactical drone ground control station.

Patroller is powered by a 115hp (85kW) Rotax 914F engine and as well as internal volume for sensor packages its wings have pylons for additional payloads.

This Franco-German project is a collaboration between Sagem and Strausberg based-glider manufacturer Stemme that was started earlier this year and follows the Onera French aerospace agency Busard project that began in 2005 and used a manned powered Stemme S10-VT glider.

An internally funded development project neither company has held discussions with European governments about the UAV.

Source: Flight Daily News