Titanium nuts could save the Airbus A350 XWB on the order of 100kg (220lb) in mass if they are selected for the programme, says its manufacturer Alcoa Fastening Systems (hall 5 D10)

Alcoa is in competition to provide fasteners for the programme and it is proposing titanium nuts as a weight-saving measure. Alcoa's titanium fastener product is the Mark IV fastening system. It is a two-piece design, a flat beam lock nut that provides resistance to vibration-induced loosening with a life of up to 250 seated cycles and a stud bolt that has a dual-lead threads.

"The nuts are an alloy of vanadium and titanium. The weight saving is on the order of magnitude of 100kg," says Alcoa fastening systems Europe vice-president Pierre Emmanuel Gires.

Source: Flight Daily News