While most visitors will have bemoaned yesterday's rainy show opening, a heavy downpour probably suited Minneapolis-based Donaldson.

When windscreen wipers cannot push all the water aside in severe weather conditions, the company's rain repellent system ensures a clear view for the flightcrew.

At the push of a button, pilots can spray rain-repellent fluid onto the window to form a hydrophobic layer on the surface and cause the water to pearl off.

Sukhoi (hall 2A, stand B198) has selected the system as standard equipment on its Superjet 100.

The set-up consists of a replaceable bottle with pressurised air, a transparent tank for quick fluid level checking, piping, and the exterior nozzle in front of the windscreen. A timer below the nozzle, which is operated by a cockpit switch, controls the flow of fluid.

The bottle system can be installed anywhere in the aircraft, such as under the pilots' eyes in the cockpit or in the cargo compartment for easy maintenance access, according to key account manager Julien Joncquiert, although keeping the pipe system as short is possible is an advantage.

The rain-repellent liquid is non-corrosive, non-flammable and free of chlorofluorocarbons. One filling typically lasts for approximately 25 sprays, said Joncquiert.

Source: Flight Daily News