AVIC I Commercial Aircraft (ACAC) has selected Hamilton Sundstrand to supply the electrical power system for its indigenously developed ARJ21 regional jet, and is expected to decide shortly on a range of other subsystems as it works to finalise the configuration of the 79- to 99-seat aircraft.

Meanwhile, Smiths Aerospace has been selected by Middle River Aircraft Systems (MRAS), a General Electric Aircraft Engines subsidiary, to provide the thrust reverser actuation system for the ARJ21. MRAS is responsible for the design, development and manufacture of the nacelle, including the thrust reverser, for the aircraft's GEAE CF34-10A jet engine.

Hamilton Sundstrand will, under a non-risk-sharing supplier agreement, develop and produce the aircraft's integrated drive generators, distribution and emergency power system. The ARJ21 will be equipped with three 40kVA generators providing 115V of AC electrical power, with two running off each engine and third of the auxiliary power unit (APU).

Selection of the APU has still to be decided, for which Hamilton Sundstrand is bidding separately in competition with Honeywell. Other pending decisions include the environmental control system, the emergency ram air turbine and the aircraft's flaps and slat actuators, with decisions due by July.

Hamilton Sundstrand's agreement with ACAS covering the four development aircraft in addition includes a memorandum to supply production shipsets for up to 500 jets over the next 20 years, says Jeff Nelson, Hamilton Sundstrand new business manager electrical systems. The first system is scheduled for delivery in two years in the lead up to a planned first flight at the end of 2005.

Source: Flight International