L-3 Communications Integrated Systems has teamed with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to bid on the structural and systems upgrade of eight ex-US Navy Lockheed Martin P-3B Orions, and jointly market and pursue surveillance and reconnaissance opportunities elsewhere in Asia.

Under the five-year agreement, the L-3/KAI alliance will initially focus on competing for the upgrade of the surplus P-3Bs, which the US Navy has offered to South Korea to supplement eight new-build P-3Cs acquired in the mid-1990s. South Korea has also shortlisted Lockheed Martin and, having delayed a decision since last year, is expected to make a selection by September.

L-3 is proposing its Integrated Data Handling System along with a menu of sensor options. The South Korean navy wants to fit a new radar, electronic support measures, an electro-optical/infrared imager and magnetic anomaly detector.

Source: Flight International