If you have an insatiable appetite for the cultural side of life, you're most certainly in the right place.

Paris serves up a veritable feast of fine art and fascination.

With more than 100 museums, Paris is without doubt the art and culture capital of the world.

First on your list of places to visit must be the Louvre, Orsay and the Picasso, but there are also many other museums to track down, depending on your tastes and interests.

On your monument mission, you have to make tracks for Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame and the Arc de Triomphe, but don't forget the Grande Arche de La Defense and Conciergerie.

Since every museum has its opening hours, it is a good idea to telephone beforehand to avoid disappointment. If possible, try to get there early in the morning as it is usually quieter.



At the weekend, the museums in Paris are usually quite crowded so set your alarm clocks and get an early start.

Many museums offer reductions to children, students, the elderly or groups. Some are even free of charge on Sundays.

At a glance museums include:

The Louvre, where almost all the major civilisations are represented, as well as stunning collections of some of art's most famous treasures including the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo.

The Orsay, which is located in a wonderfully refurbished Parisian train station. The museum is devoted to art from the second half of the 19th century. Neoclassicism, romanticism, symbolism and impressionism complement each other splendidly.

The Picasso is located in the Marais quarter, the combination of the Hotel Sale - a superb example of 17th century architecture - and a 20th century genius of painting.

Monuments that are a must include:

The Eiffel Tower, all 320m and 7,000 tonnes of it. Don't let the 1,652 steps put you off; there are lifts to take you up to one of the best views of Paris you're ever likely to get.

If possible, try to see it in good weather, one hour before sunset, or at night to see the city lights.



The Arc de Triomphe, built to celebrate the glory of the Napoleonic armies. This prestigious monument, at 49m tall, stands proudly in the middle of place Charles-de-Gaulle. To reach it, you have to walk through the underground passage.

The Grande Arche de La Defense is located in the heart of the international business district of Paris-La Defense.

It's a 20th century monument - a hollow cube - with sides measuring 110m. From the summit of this huge symbol of fraternity, you get a fantastic view of La Defense and of Paris.

Of course all of this is simply a starter for the true culture connoisseur.

Paris can more than satisfy even the pickiest of appetites, so go on out there and gorge yourself on a menu of museums and monuments until you can take no more.

Source: Flight Daily News