There's a new aircraft developer in town and he is getting very personal. French company Aok is showing off its one-seat multi-mission personal jet mock-up at Paris air show for the first time. The twin-engined aircraft, dubbed the Spacejet, is the brainchild of designer Rémi Cuvelier, who has been working on the design for two years.

Built from carbon, Kevlar and epoxy resin, the Spacejet is targeted at a host of markets, including the owner flyer; military and civil trainer; surveillance and border control; and the manned and unmanned drone sector. It has a rhombohedral wing to reduce drag and eliminate turbulence, a retractable single-track undercarriage and an emergency parachute system.

AOK Spacejet


The Spacejet is powered by two TJ100 jet engines - designed by PBS Velka Bitès of the Czech Republic - that give it a cruise speed of 430kt (800km/h), a maximum speed at full payload of 320kt and a stall speed of 67kt. The aircraft is scheduled to make its first flight later this year from Aok's base in Plaisir near Versailles, and will be in the air display, Aok anticipates, at the 2014 AirVenture show in Oshkosh. "We plan to produce the aircraft for the kit-built market initially while we work towards full European certification in around three years time," says Cuvelier.

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Source: Flight Daily News