Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) plans to enhance its involvement in the international unmanned air systems market by increasing co-operation and forming joint ventures with foreign companies.

IAI (chalet 206, static B37, static B50) wants to benefit from the growing international UAS market.

"We want to be a major player in that market," said a company source.

IAI is already co-operating on UAS with Rheinmetall Defence Electronics (RDE) in Germany, MDA in Canada, Synergy Group in Brazil and an independent operation in the USA through Stark.

IAI and RDE are offering the Israeli company's Heron unmanned air vehicles to a number of European air forces and armies for use in a variety of missions.

They have received positive feedback on the use of the Heron in Afghanistan.

Marketing is currently focused on the Heron but sources say that other types also have potential for European users.

"The market for UAS in Europe is very big. Some countries have already understood the potential fully, while others are beginning to understand," said an Israeli source.

IAI and MDA were recently awarded a contract to deliver the Heron UAV through MDA to Canadian forces deployed in Afghanistan.

IAI and Synergy Group have established a joint venture structured to expand IAI's offerings in Brazil through acquisitions of local companies and activities, rapidly expanding their combined offerings in the country.

IAI is also making efforts in South Korea to co-operate with a local company to develop and manufacture UAS.

Source: Flight Daily News