Innocon's MicroFalcon mini unmanned air system has completed flight testing as it nears delivery to the Peruvian army. The MicroFalcon is a mini UAS with a duration of up to 4h and ceiling of 15,000ft (4,580m).

"The MicroFalcon has demonstrated its long-endurance, wide-area surveillance capability to detect targets in all operational environments - in any type of weather, day and night," said Michael Armon, Innocon's chief executive.

According to Armon, the MicroFalcon will provide the Peruvian army with a real-time intelligence, target acquisition and identification, area scan and monitor, ground forces direction and support, installations monitoring for maintenance and security and artillery adjustments.

MicroFalcon I UAS - Innocon
 © Innocon

The MicroFalcon is designed to be hand carried by two crew members, deployed in minutes, and operate day and night in extreme weather.

The Israeli company said the system offers round-the-clock coverage of the targeted area with its multi-control capability. The multi-UAS function allows the operator to fly continuously over the target. Both systems are controlled and monitored from a single ground control station.

Source: Flight Daily News