Iomax is unveiling its new Archangel armed surveillance aircraft, which is based on the Thrush 710P two-seat crop duster. According to the manufacturer, the Archangel is designed to perform border patrol, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

The modified agricultural machine features an Esterline CMC Cockpit 4000 avionics suite, and the same company is also responsible for integrating the aircraft's sensors. These include an electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) camera, says Patrick Champagne, CMC's vice-president for cockpits and systems integration.

Iomax Archangel


Greg Yeldon, president of Esterline CMC Electronics, adds: "CMC is very pleased to have our modular avionics suite featured on board the Archangel aircraft. Equipping this Iomax aircraft confirms the flexible, yet robust nature of our Cockpit 4000 architecture."

The Cockpit 4000 avionics suite is featured in both the front and rear cockpits. The front is equipped with three multi-function displays and one up-front control panel, while the rear has one of each. The displays are driven by the system's mission computer, which provides the control and display functions for the high-resolution graphics associated with the navigation and mission data.

"The avionics suite features a mature and proven operational flight programme that integrates the aircraft dynamic sensors, navigation radios, communication radios, EO/IR sensor and weapon system to provide a wide range of navigation and mission requirements," CMC says. The company adds that its standardised avionics solution "minimises the integration effort required for aircraft installation."

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Source: Flight Daily News