Airbus has scrapped plans for the flying display of its A380 superjumbo jet at the Paris air show after the aircraft’s wingtip "touched a structure" during ground manoeuvres at the Le Bourget airport.

The airframer stated the incident on A380 flight test aircraft, MSN 004, occurred near taxiway Victor on 19 June at 15:50 local time.

 A380 wing damage


Airbus said its experts are inspecting the aircraft, but "it is already confirmed" the aircraft "will not perform" at the show.

The aircraft had landed shortly beforehand and was given clearance by ground controllers to travel along taxiway Victor. While the crew had been informed that the taxiway was clear for the A380, said Airbus, and the aircraft was on the centreline, it hit a building belonging to Aeroports de Paris.

Its wing fence was sheared off in the collision and the right wing-tip has also sustained damage. The aircraft will be examined and eventually flown back to Toulouse.