Three days after a taxiing prang temporarily grounded it, an Airbus A380 test aircraft was flown at Le Bourget yesterday. "Love is in the air again!" crowed the manufacturer on Twitter.

The jet's damaged wingtip had been replaced with one taken from another test A380 in Toulouse. That aircraft is earmarked to carry out Trent XWB engine trials for Rolls-Royce.

Airbus A380 Flies at Paris 2011
Korean Air A380 flies at Paris 2011
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The manufacturer said the total damage affected just 500mm (19in) of the wing's 80m (260ft) span. Shots taken within seconds of the collision show the extent of the damage to the Embraer building.

A Korean Air A380 was used to dazzle the crowds here while the fix was undertaken.

Source: Flight Daily News