The new RUAG-upgraded Eurocopter TH06 ISR Super Puma will be unveiled at the Paris air show.

RUAG says that in 2006, the Swiss Air Force awarded a contract to upgrade 15 TH89 Super Puma helicopters to meet the standards of the Eurocopter TH98 Cougar fleet. "The programme is fully on track. It is scheduled for completion by the end of 2014, with nine aircraft already delivered and the 10th due in July 2013," says Heinz Scholl, vice president of military aviation for RUAG.

Swiss air force TH89 Super Puma helicopter


Top cat: RUAG's upgrade programme to add high-tech features is "fully on track"

The main improvements to the TH06 ISR Super Puma include a glass cockpit with an integrated flight management system, two global positioning systems, an inertial navigation system and a modern digital map display. The TH06 also incorporates new radio systems that provide police, encrypted radio and satellite transmissions. Flight data recorders, an anti-collision warning system, a searchlight coupled with Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) cameras and helmet-mounted displays (HMD) for day and night operations have also been added.

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Source: Flight Daily News