A technology that protects pilots from optical laser strikes could be in service next year following an agreement signed at the show.

Airbus-owned Satair Group has signed a memorandum of understanding with MTI's Canada-based Lamda Guard division which will lead to an exclusive distribution arrangement as part of a go-to-market plan targeting a 2018 introduction.

Satair Laser


"We are now looking to select an industrial partner to develop an STC," says Satair chief executive Bart Reijnen.

The initial application will be on the Airbus single-aisle family, but this will be expanded to cover other types – including airliners, business jets and helicopters. MTI's MetAir laser protection product can be applied to transparent surfaces such as aircraft windscreens to deflect laser beams.

Laser strikes are a growing threat to pilots, MTI chief executive George Palikaras says. "There have been over 2,000 already this year," he says, adding that the threat is likely to worsen as high-powered lasers become cheaper and more accessible.

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Source: FlightGlobal.com