Hawker Beechcraft is debuting a King Air 350ER special mission aircraft at the show that it has added to its demonstrator fleet.

The aircraft is being offered in an air ambulance configuration with medical sleds and a medical cabin.

More than 35% of aircraft used in air ambulance roles worldwide are supplied by Hawker Beechcraft, said the airframer.

King Air 350
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It dates its prominence in this area to before the Second World War, when Model 17 Staggerwing aircraft were deployed as air ambulances in Asia.

While the King Air 200 and 350 are the most popular types used as air ambulances, any King Air or Hawker jets can be fitted with a medical package, either as temporary or permanent installations. In the latter, medical flooring is fitted.

All King Air models can accommodate two patient sleds with full life support systems, but the 350 has space for a third sled equipped with oxygen.

Source: Flight Daily News