A study into the effects on the aerospace industry of the terrorist attacks of 11 September was launched at the show yesterday. EDS subsidiary AT Kearney and the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC) have joined forces to conduct the 12-week study into the future of the industry.

It will examine whether previously-existing global business models remain valid. The partners believe the results will help airlines, aviation manufacturers and suppliers to plan future business initiatives.

Announcing the project, David Marshall, director general of the SBAC says: "The events of 11 September have already had a profound effect on the air transport sector and placed new challenges on airlines, their customers and their suppliers.

"The research effort will explore how what were once considered fundamental assumptions about the industry have indeed changed and to what extent. We want to provide aircraft manufacturers and suppliers with clear facts to help them create products and services that are useful given the changed realities of the future."

The study will include interviews with commercial operators, OEMs and their supply chains and will examine how changes in passenger requirements, the regulatory structure, technology, financing and insurance have affected the industry's entire value chain.

Results of the report will be circulated in early September, Marshall says.

Source: Flight Daily News