Passenger health and comfort issues are more important than ever as non-stop flight times increase, people fly more regularly and airlines battle for market share.

Airlines go to great lengths in cabin design to ensure a comfortable journey, with passengers now having almost unlimited access to various means of entertainment, including movies, music and games.

Yet despite these advances, many are still left tired, uncomfortable and sometimes ill upon arrival at their destination.

CTT Systems (Stand W714) believes these could soon be problems of the past.

CTT is hoping to attract regional airlines to its Zonal Drying System and Zonal Comfort System at Dubai 2003, both of which solve moisture related problems in aircraft.

CTT recently completed a study with SAS that Ulf Liljenberg, vice-president sales and marketing, CTT Systems, says shows that improved humidity levels prevent a lot of the discomfort and health problems that often plague passengers.

When a cabin is too dry, passengers can develop colds, dry skin, fatigue, an increased risk of DVT and numerous other health problems that add up to a bad flying experience. CTT has not yet released the official results of the study but will do so in Q1, 2004.


"We believe this area of the world is highly focussed on passenger comfort," said Liljenberg, referring to Emirates' unique ‘starry night' lighting system in the Airbus A340-500 as a prime example. "We're trying to attract airlines from around the Middle East."

The Zonal Comfort System is a humidifier that ensures passenger comfort by keeping the cabin humidity at the appropriate level.

It was adapted for the aviation industry from a system designed by Swedish humidity control company Munters.

The Zonal Drying System tackles the more technical problem of condensation in aircraft.


It does away with excess water that can cause problems such as drips in the cabin, extra weight, electrical failures and corrosion.

To date CTT has had found success in the VIP market, installing both systems on a range of jets, and has also installed systems on various types for a number of leading airlines.

It is possible to install the systems on a range of short- and long-haul aircraft, full details of which can be found at the CTT stand.

Source: Flight Daily News