It’s not unusual to find the Feldzer family at Le Bourget. They have been known to fly a classic Jodel light aircraft together into the airfield, although not during the Paris Air Show.

Gerard Feldzer is best known as head of the Air and Space museum and is the first civilian to have been honoured with the post. He has also been president of the Aero-Club of France since 1994.

Nephew Vadim promotes Dassault Aviation for a living and has been occupied recently with the launch of the 7X. Both Feldzers are fans of the distinctive French Jodel. Says Vadim: “The Jodel gives a real feeling of flying. It’s magical. Because it has a tail wheel, it gives you lots of fun – you have to grapple with cross winds, which demands lots of skill.”

The Feldzer family aviation story began with Gerard’s uncle Constantine, who was banished to a Russian labour camp in World War 2. He escaped and joined ranks with the Franco-Soviet Normandie-Niemen squadron. Shot down by the Germans at the end of the war, he miraculously survived an aircraft explosion. Constantine initiated his young nephew to the pleasures of piloting, who in turn initiated his young nephew Vadim to the joys of the air.

Like Gerard, Constantine Feldzer became director of the Air and Space museum. You never know, perhaps there’s a seat there for Vadim in future.

Source: Flight Daily News