Mark Hannant  

Following the US Federal Aviation Authority's ruling increasing the number of parameters to be monitored by digital flight data recorders (DFDRs), Patriot Sensors and Control has announced the immediate availability and compliance of its MP Series of position transducers for use in DFDRs.  

The new FAA regulations stipulate the need for DFDRs to measure pitch, yaw and lateral control position and control surface position. Patriot's MP Series accurately monitors all these positions, which give accident investigators the capability to examine the control inputs made by the pilot and the motion performed at the control surface. Using a spring-loaded cable extension mechanism for reliable, low cost sensing, the MP Series is available in lengths ranging from 5cm (2in) to 50m (2,000in) with various electrical outputs, including 0-10V, 4-20mA, and digital.  


The electronic outposts are proportional to the linear position of the stainless steel cable. Measurements are made by mounting the transducer to a fixed surface and attaching the cable to a moving object.  

Patriot claims that its system is not only FAA compliant, but also easy to install in enclosed spaces.

Source: Flight Daily News