Oman's national oil company Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has agreed to lease a Boeing 737-700 from Oman Air as part of the former's plans for an overhaul of its aviation strategy.

The new aircraft, currently being sourced, will have capacity to carry 110 passengers. The two existing Oman Air ATR turboprops dedicated to PDO will be retired when the contract expires at the end of the year.

The PDO says: "By transferring ownership and operatorship of the aircraft to Oman Air, PDO can benefit from the synergy offered by Oman's national airline. If, for example, the aircraft breaks down or needs to be serviced, other 737s can be used from Oman Air's fleet. Likewise, Oman Air can use the aircraft for its own commercial operations at times when it is not being used by PDO."

Source: Flight International