All 162 passengers and six crew members have survived an extraordinary runway excursion accident which left a Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 precariously balanced on a steep cliff slope at Trabzon.

The aircraft (TC-CPF) had arrived at the Black Sea resort as flight PC8622 from Ankara on 13 January.

It had conducted an approach to Trabzon's runway 11, which has a length of around 2,600m.

Images from the scene show the aircraft departed the left side of the runway and travelled part of the way down a steep coastal slope, coming to rest a short distance from the sea.

Pegasus says all 168 occupants "disembarked safely" from the aircraft, with no injuries to anyone on board.

NOTAM data issued for Trabzon identifies an "aircraft wreck" located 60m from the threshold of runway 29, and 75m to the right of the centreline, protruding to a height of 5m.

Meteorological data for the airport at around the time of the aircraft's approach indicates light rain and reduced visibility as a result of mist.

Investigators have yet to determine the circumstances of the excursion but images of the jet indicate that it suffered substantial damage during the accident.

Flight Fleets Analyzer lists the aircraft as having been delivered new to the carrier towards the end of 2012.

Source: Cirium Dashboard