Airbus Industrie plans to use an A340 to flight test an advanced Honeywell Pegasus flight management system (FMS) fitted, for the first time, with communications, navigation, surveillance/air traffic management (CNS/ATM) functionality.

New functions include dual system communication links via Airbus' air traffic services unit (ATSU). The FMS-ATSU link provides a two-way datalink with air traffic control and printer interfaces and supports the full flight regime with all long-range functions for lateral guidance and flight planning, as well as vertical guidance and performance functions.

The package also uses required navigation performance procedures from the navigation database. The long-range Airbus FMS Pegasus system is scheduled to be certificated on the A340 in January next year.

Certification of the system, containing full future air navigation system A functionality, will follow on the single-aisle A320 family aircraft by early 2001.

Source: Flight International