Orbital Sciences Corporation (OSC) successfully launched a Pegasus booster carrying the US Air Force's Tri-Service Experiments 5 satellite (TSX-5) into orbit on 7 June. The winged Pegasus solid-propellant rocket was air-launched from the OSC Lockheed TriStar mother aircraft after take-off from Vandenberg AFB, California. The mission was the first by the Pegasus this year and the 15th consecutive successful launch by the booster. Within 14min of the air-drop and ignition of the first stage of the booster, TSX-5 was in a 406 x 1,706km (252 x 1,060 miles), 69° inclination orbit. TSX carries a range of military experiments, including a UK Ministry of Defence infrared telescope to detect aircraft and a space environment monitor.


Source: Flight International