Former IBM chief executive Lou Gerstner is to succeed Frank Carlucci as chairman of the Carlyle Group, the US private equity firm. Carlucci will become chairman emeritus. Asa Hutchinson is to serve as under-secretary for border and transportation security in the newly created US Department of Homeland Security. Hutchinson, currently head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, will report to the new homeland security secretary, Thomas Ridge. Also appointed was Ridge's deputy, Gordon England, a former vice-president of General Dynamics currently working as secretary of the navy. Vice-Admiral (retired) Thomas Wilson, formerly director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, has joined ATK as president of the newly formed ATK Missile Systems division. Choong Hoon Cho, founder and chairman of Korean Air's parent company Hanjin Group, has died aged 82. His eldest son, Korean Air chairman Yang Ho Cho, is expected to inherit his father's role. Unison Industries, a GE Engine Services subsidiary, has named Michael Sanders as VP engineering. Northrop Grumman has added Charles Noski, formerly vice chairman of AT&T, and Admiral (retired) Charles Larson, USN, to its board of directors.

Source: Flight International