Performance of European ANSPs falls shortMost Eurocontrol air navigation service providers failed to meet agreed standards last year and are expected to continue to perform below standard in “key areas”, says the independent Performance Review Commission (PRC).Safety reporting in most of the Eurocontrol states is so bad that it “is not possible to affirm that there are no significant safety issues”, according to the PRC in its report on 2005. It predicts that it will be “a major challenge to drive air navigation service provision to satisfactory levels in all key performance areas within an acceptable timescale”.In its previous report, the PRC said that “the quality, quantity and consistency of air traffic management [ATM] incident reporting and safety information are wholly inadequate for the purposes of safety management and performance across Europe”. Reporting now, says the PRC, “can be considered as mature in 15 states, low in 6 states, while 13 states report irregularly, or have never reported since 2001". The report does not name the states concerned.
The PRC report explains that the key performance areas in which it expects failure to deliver on time include: maintaining present levels of safety, which demands a four-fold risk reduction when traffic doubles and ten-fold if it triples; raising an en-route traffic capacity in line with demand;improving cost effectiveness at the agreed rate; the management of limitations imposed by airport capacity and environmental conditions.

Source: Flight International