Two Israeli-made unmanned air systems that have been supplied to the Peruvian army are not being operated by their customer, which claims the equipment does not meet operational requirements.

Israeli defence sources, however, say the two types were supplied and accepted by the service. "The fact that the client changed the operational requirements after delivery is the reason for the current accusations," says one.

In April 2010, the Peruvian army acquired three Orbiter 2 air vehicles manufactured by Aeronautics Defense Systems, via intermediary Sarosca SA Projects. In December of the same year, two Micro Falcon UAS produced by Innocon were also acquired.

Both systems were intended for use during operations to detect drugs-related crimes.

Peruvian sources claim that both systems failed to reach the level of performance offered by the manufacturers during test flights performed by military units, which resulted in the equipment being stored.

"Something has changed that has nothing to do with the operational capabilities of both systems that are being operated in many other places," says one Israeli source.

The two Israeli manufacturers refused to comment on the report.

Source: Flight International