The Peruvian Airlines Boeing 737-300 that had veered off the runway in Jauja had crashed into a perimeter fence before catching on fire, says airport operator Corpac.

The aircraft landed at the airport at 16:28 on 28 March after a flight from Lima and veered to the right about 1,760m (5,790ft) from the start of the runway, before its right wing crashed into the perimeter fence, setting off a fire that engulfed the jet.

Corpac says the airport, which has only one runway, will remain closed until Peruvian authorities authorise the removal of the aircraft.

All 141 passengers and crew members evacuated the aircraft safely. While Peruvian has said no one was injured, local media reports say 29 people were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Eyewitnesses say the aircraft experienced problems with its right landing gear, but it is not immediately clear what caused the runway excursion.

The airline’s maintenance and safety procedures have come under scrutiny following the latest accident. Its aircraft was involved in two other landing gear-related runways excursions in 2015 and 2016, both at Cusco.

Peruvian inaugurated service between Lima and Jauja less than two weeks ago. Previously, only LC Peru operated flights on the route.

Jauja airport serves the Huancayo metropolitan area, located 275km (171 miles) east of Lima. Air transportation is gaining popularity in Peru’s agricultural heartland, as the only other way to travel to Lima is on roads that cross a 4,818m high mountain pass.

Recent floods in Peru have also caused severe road damage, making air transport the only reliable means of transportation in parts of the country.

Source: Cirium Dashboard