Philippine Airlines (PAL), now operating under receivership, is to start expanding its fleet and route network again after drastic cut-backs announced in June.

The reductions saw the airline slash operations to 21 routes, 14 aircraft and 200 flightcrew. PAL grounded a large part of its fleet and has been seeking to dispose of 27 leased aircraft, including eight Airbus A340s, four A330-300s and three A320s. Its eight A320 orders have been cancelled, after PAL earlier deferred delivery of five of the CFM International CFM56-powered aircraft. The carrier now plans to increase the number of aircraft in its operational fleet to 21, with the re-actuation of some A340s. International services will also be raised by three, to 10 destinations.

The airline has set a manpower ceiling of 8,578, compared with its earlier workforce of 13,000 ground staff and 600 pilots.

Source: Flight International